Picture of Composted Bark 70L

Composted Bark 70L

Revitalise tired soils in your garden with Westland Composted Bark. Providing a rich source of composted organic matter Westland Composted Bark will help improve soil structure, improve drainage and release nutrients into the soil.

This peat free composted bark is great for mulching and for improving the soil structure by helping to break down heavy soils, improve drainage, moisture and nutrient holding capacity. It will also slowly release nutrients into the soil to build up the soils natural fertility.

Improves soil structure and moisture retention capability.

Westland Composted Bark is ideal for mulching around trees and shrubs as well as your beds, borders and vegetable plots. This mulch helps feed your plants, suppress weed growth, protect tender roots from frost damage and reduce moisture loss during dry conditions.

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