GFK Information 2020

Green Fingered Kids Scheme

Who is eligible?

To be eligible to collect the Green Fingered Kids vouchers you must be a school or youth group local to Woodcote Green.
For every £10 a customer spends in-store they will receive a voucher which they can then donate to any participating school or group. There is no maximum spend to receive the vouchers meaning that purchasing your garden and conservatory furniture, lawn mowers or bulk plant orders at Woodcote Green can really benefit children in the local area.

When are the vouchers available?

The vouchers are available in-store from the 1st April 2020. This year we have 100,000 vouchers to give away which equates to an incredible £25,000 to support local schools and youth groups.

What can we do once we’ve signed up?

Once your schools or group has signed up it’s important to spread the word! Encourage kids, parents, carers, family members, your next door neighbour and anyone in-between to collect the vouchers and hand them in to you. To help with this we’ve uploaded a short newsletter piece (available to download from the News & Events website page) which can be used in your schools newsletter and our Green Fingered Kids 2020 poster is also available to download which can be printed and displayed in your schools or meeting place.

How, and when, do we claim back the vouchers?

Your school, or group, will receive an email after all 100,000 vouchers have been handed out inviting you to fill out a collection form and return the vouchers to Woodcote Green. These will then be verified and you will be notified when a representative from your school, or group, can come in and collect your gift card with the amount loaded on to it.

What can we spend the money on?

We’ve had a fantastic response from participants who have spent their money on seeds, plants and compost to create well stocked fruit and vegetable patches (which are then sold at fetes or used in cooking classes). Others have purchased roses and furniture for reflection areas and some have invested in a range of herbs for sensory gardens.
The main aim of Green Fingered Kids is to encourage kids to take an interest in gardening; as such the money raised through this scheme should be spent on furthering this and ensuring that kids get the opportunity to explore the untold benefits of stepping outside and putting on them gardening gloves!

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