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Farm Shop


Complete your shopping experience at Woodcote Green with a visit to our unique Farm Shop, you    won’t be disappointed.

Don’t miss the Farm Shop here at Woodcote Green, it’s packed full of delicious and locally produced delights to turn your everyday meals into a real feast of flavours. It combines the existing in-store Farm Shop with some of the regular favourites from the farmer’s markets within a freshly renovated part of the garden centre. The whole section is now in the capable hands of Senior Manager James Woodham, who has been sourcing a scrumptious range of local and top quality produce that changes with the season.

Home and Local

There is no bog standard ‘Farm Shop’. “The theme running through is local and home produce” explains James. “We even bake our bread and cakes on the premises; Hand Made by Amy is just one of the fresh and delicious ranges on offer. We are selling seasonal Woodcote Green grown vegetables, picked fresh from our land every morning, so there’s always something fresh and local for our customers. We can’t grow it all and we need to adjust to demand, so we are supplementing what we grow with produce sourced locally.” Some of the produce will also supply the chefs for the Terrace Coffee Shop seasonal menu.

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Now you can drive into Woodcote Green, park for free and buy everything you need for your Sunday Roast, summer barbecue or simply to stock your kitchen up with some tasty produce.