Picture of Acer Palmatum 'Bloodgood'
Japanese Maple, a tree with deeply cut dark red-purple leaves, turning bright red in Autumn
Picture of Acer Palmatum 'Garnet'
Japenese Maple, a tree with deep orange-red leaves keeping its colour well into Autumn
Picture of Acer Palmatum 'Sango-Kaku'
Japanese Maple, attractive coral-red stems in winter, deeply lobed orange-yellow leaves turning a soft yellow in Autumn
Picture of Betula (Jacquemantii)
A very graceful tree with bright green heart-shaped leaves
A deciduous tree with spiny branches, toothed leaves and double pale red flowers in spring
Picture of Eucalyptus 'Azura'
 Compact, hardy, evergreen tree with silver jade foliage
Picture of Flowering Cherry Tree (Prunus 'Shirofugen')
A majestic, small, wide spreading tree with copper-bronze Spring foliage that matures to green then deep orange in Autumn
Picture of Flowering Crab Tree (Malus 'Golden Hornet')
A small, compact tree bearing profuse white blossom during April and May followed by large crops of persistent, bright yellow Autumn fruits
Picture of Golden False Acacia (Robinia Pseudoacacia 'Frisia')
An ideal specimen tree, a beautiful tree renowned for its foliage that is rich golden in Spring, mellowing to yellow-green during Summer then turning gold in Autumn
 Free flowering, long yellow racemes in spring
Picture of Malus 'White Star'
An attractive, early flowering crab apple with masses of white star shaped flowers and golden brown fruits which continue into the winter
this a small weeping flowering cherry with bronze leaves which later turn glossy green and fully double pink flowers in spring
Picture of Sorbus (Vilmorinii)
A small, elegant spreading tree with dark green fern-like foliage that turns orange or bronze in Autumn