Horticultural Show 2012


















When the local community puts its mind to growing and showing, the results can be overwhelming.

The 2011 Woodcote Green Horticultural Show was a resounding success. With nearly 900 exhibits it not only made a fantastic day out for everyone that visited, but was also generously seasoned with dozens of rosette and prize winning entries. From jam, honey, bread and cakes to an incredible array of homegrown flowers, fruit and vegetables, the spectable of tables laden with produce was exceptional.                                        "We are completly amazed at how the show has grown," said General Manager Phil Barnden. "Our first show was fantastic, but the second show was beyond all our expectations, at one point we wern't sure if we were going to have enough room for all of the entries."

Open to Everyone

The comprehensive show handbook takes months of preparation and fettling to ensure that anyone and everyone with an interest in gardening, growing and cooking can have a go and enter a class at their level of expertise. There are classes for schools and children too. "It's really important to us not only to encourage excellence, but to give everyone a chance! If you are an experienced grower then you compete with others of the same skills, but if you are just starting out, then you are not put off by those with more knowledge" explains Phil.


For 2012 there will be a few changes to fine-tune the format. After consultation with exhibitors there may be a few alterations to the rulebook to make things easier for everyone. The entry deadline has been changed to Tuesday 18th September to allow the staff at the garden centre a little more time to arrange the layout and make room   for what is expected to be unprecedented participation.